How 4ever Mints helped a customer through MRI & a lumbar puncture


I wanted to share a couple of things from the past week. I had an MRI of the head, and in this procedure you have to be very still. This was a concern for me, since I have dry mouth it’s common to lick your lips (or with other dry mouth products you may have a lozenge that you tend to move from one side to the other). Before the procedure, I took two 4ever Mints for Dry Mouth Orange Cream and 4ever Mints Appetite Control. It was amazing, and I was able to sit through just over an hour and half of the MRI with no issues! It was a blessing to me.

The next day I had a lumbar puncture under scope, which takes approximately 45 minutes. Once again these amazing mints did the trick! With a lumbar puncture, you have to be very still when the needle is in your back; movement can cause the needle to hit a nerve. I was able to sit through the procedure and then an hour of no movement.

I have used the 4ever Mints Appetite Control and I have lost several pounds. In the evening, I use that in combination with the dry mouth mint, and I don’t feel the need to snack when I’m reading to get back to sleep.

I really liked the 4ever Mints products and knew they worked - but until these tests I didn’t realize just how much they helped!