How Chromium Picolinate Can Help with Appetite Control


Many of us remember chromium from its place on the periodic table, but few know it’s an important dietary supplement that can help stabilize blood sugar, aid in appetite control, and curb cravings. One of the most effective forms of chromium for appetite control is chromium picolinate.

How chromium picolinate works

Chromium picolinate works in the body in a number of ways to create feelings of satiety and reduce cravings:

- The foods we eat affect our blood sugar; while this must be closely monitored in people with diabetes, blood sugar spikes and dips can affect everyone’s energy and focus. One study published in Endocrine Practice found that an addition of chromium after a meal resulted in a 23% reduction in blood sugar.

- Carb and sugar heavy foods, such as donuts, cakes, cookies, and pastries, are some of the most commonly craved – and difficult to avoid – foods. A study found that adding chromium to the diet enabled patients to significantly reduce their cravings for carbs in as little as eight weeks.

- In addition to stabilizing blood sugar and helping to reduce cravings for sugary, carb-heavy foods, chromium picolinate can help support fat loss. A 2013 analysis in Obesity Review found that taking chromium picolinate can help aid weight loss over an 8 week period. Regularly taking the supplement can help reduce body fat while also increasing lean body mass, leading to overall weight loss.

Multiple studies have shown that chromium picolinate is effective at boosting satiety and reducing hunger. But what is the most effective way to use this supplement to help control appetite?

4ever Mints+ help control appetite

4ever Mints+ Appetite Control mints do more than just give you fresh breath; these long lasting mints can help you control your cravings and appetite in order to achieve your health and fitness goals. Using the proven appetite suppressant Chromax®, made of chromium picolinate, these long-lasting, time-dissolve mints can help you resist temptation from sweets, treats, sodas, and more. Simply put the mint in between your gum and cheek; because it takes more than two hours to dissolve, 4ever Mints+ Appetite Control can help you keep cravings in check and stay on track with your goals.