How to protect your oral health throughout your workday


Even if you brush and floss every night, plenty of damage to your teeth can occur during the day. Many of us sip coffee, drink soda, or snack throughout the day at our desks; this, in addition to food particles left over from lunch, can cause plaque to accumulate in our mouths. To avoid preventable cavities or tooth decay, follow these tips to protect your oral health during the workday.

1. Keep a toothbrush at work

Stash a second toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in your locker, at your desk, or in your bag at work. Take a few minutes after lunch to pop into the restroom and brush; this removes any food particles that are left from lunch – and keeps the rest of the office from smelling your lunch on your breath.

2. Don’t sip or snack throughout the day

Instead of sipping on a cup of coffee all morning or snacking on the occasional almond, try to finish drinks, snacks, and meals in a short amount of time. This gives your mouth time to wash away the sugars from food and drinking; drinking or rinsing with water after finishing a drink or snack can aid in this process. Constantly drinking soda is one of the worst culprits; a recent study found that teeth are “under attack” from sugars and bacteria for about 20 minutes. This led to some dentists adopting the slogan “Sip all day, get decay!”

3. Use hand sanitizer

While you should never put hand sanitizer in your mouth, using it is a surprising way to support your oral – and overall – health. Frequently using hand sanitizer, particularly if you frequently touch your mouth, can help prevent introducing bacteria, germs, and viruses to your body. Make sure to clean hands before reaching for a snack, mint, or gum as well.

4. Use a hygiene helper

No time to brush after meals or snacks? Use an oral hygiene helper to neutralize bad bacteria in the mouth. At 4ever Mints, all our products contain xylitol, which has been clinically proven to help prevent tooth decay. As the world’s longest lasting breath mint, 4ever Mints can keep your breath fresh – and your mouth healthy – for up to two hours during your busy workday.