When you have a product this revolutionary, you can make a lot of big claims.

Fortunately, we have a lot of fans out there to back us up!

"I have Sjogren's disease which means I have a continuous dry mouth. 4EverMints provides a constant stimulation for this situation. I am so pleased with your product! It really works! Thank You!"


"I have been using the 4EverMints for over 2 months now. I spend quite a bit of time in close contact with other people. I was never satisfied with the "other" breath freshener mints I was using, but I am completely sold on 4EverMints. I usually use 2 mints per shift, and often feel like I may not need the second mint, as I can still taste the first. I like the fact that It is stays comfortably on my rear gum, so I can drink water and even eat with the mint in my mouth and it won't move. I am so glad I decided to give them a try.


"I love the 4EverMints. I never attend Church without them, now. One mint lasts for hours and gives me the confidence to talk with people, and not worry about offensive breath. I carry some in my purse and use them whenever I have appointments, or have meetings. I use them at work, too. They are just so handy. I have been looking for a solution for longer lasting breath control for a long time. These mints were a happy find for me"


"I love 4EverMints! There is no comparison to any mint I have tried. I don't like my kids eating cavity-producing candies like Lifesavers and Mentos or chewing artificially sweetened gum. I, too, enjoy the confidence I feel having fresh breath for over three hours. I am grateful to have found an alternative to other mints out there."


"I have found these 4EverMints as good as advertised! During the day they last approx. 3 hours, at night 8 to 10 hours. I am VERY satisfied!"


"4EverMints are GREAT! I use them at church, court, and even choir to keep my voice fresh and clean. Each mint lasts 3 hours for me. I don't have to keep popping those other breath mints or chewing gum that keeps me from talking, singing or even eating. I can do all that with a 4EverMints.

When I'm in court, I don't want the jurors wondering what I am popping in my mouth or chewing on.

These are perfect for those who have to work with and be up close to others. Trust me, they will be glad you're ForeverMinting."


"I am 45, teach 5th grade, and love 4EverMints! They assure me that my breath is fresh as I work closely all day with students. The little ForeverMint quickly becomes soft, and then it's easy to stay in place. It dissolves very slowly and just feels like a little gel in your mouth.

"I don't like mints to be too strong and I'm pretty picky about the flavor, but I find 4EverMints perfectly minty for my taste. They freshen my breath at a constant rate for 3 1/2 - 4 hours, and even afterwards for at least 30-45 minutes.

"In my opinion 4EverMints are better than gum and breath mints, because they're effective so much longer and they don't hinder your speech in any way.


"I initially purchased the 4EverMints because I am concerned about fresh breath since I work with the public daily, but I don't like chewing gum constantly I love the mint flavor and they last for 2 to 3 hours.

"I had received some samples of 4EverMints fortified with the mineral chromium (SuppressMints)(for weight loss) with my first order of 4EverMints and was working toward a goal of losing 25 pounds and thought I would try them too.

"I noticed an immediate difference in my appetite while using the SuppressMints.

"I use them in the morning right when I go to work, and then after lunch at work. They decrease my appetite (no physical hunger) and I have no cravings (emotionally satisfying) and no desire to snack.

"I have reached my goal of 25 lbs weight loss and SuppressMints have played a tremendous role in helping me reachmy goal and to maintain my weight.

"I have since purchased 10 bottles of SuppressMints so that I won't run out any time soon!!



"A friend of mine almost humorously e-mailed me about 4EverMints, saying now no one will ever have a reason to have bad breath. I read the attachment he sent me and realized your product was worth trying, especially knowing I could send it back if I did not find it beneficial.

"Receiving my first order, I read the instructions and tried one mint. I was amazed at how easy it was to keep in my mouth between my cheek and gums; I immediately noticed the results.

"My Church work includes being the ward executive secretary and a temple ordinance worker. I am also a volunteer tutor in a public school setting. In all these situations it is important that my breath does not offend others.

"For years I used a small breath mint that only lasted a few minutes. With 4EverMints I can enjoy fresh breath for about two and one-half to three hours.

"Not only does my mouth feel fresh, but I can confidently talk with others without worrying about offending them with bad breath.

"I even recommended it to our new temple president; he ordered them and appreciates their results.

"The flavor of 4EverMints is just right, not too bland and not too minty.

"I will continue to use this product not only because of the benefits I receive, but because the customer service is always top quality.

"When I first read about 4EverMints, I wondered if they could really deliver what they claimed! Now I know!"


"I just called in my second order today. I have been using 4EverMints for a couple of months now and want to tell you about our interest in this product.

"The mints do everything that we were told! They adhere so easily to my upper denture, where it remains for several hours, with their characteristic minty taste. It is so simple and easy to use, yet more effective than any other mint I have ever used—and I have used many of them in the past, even various flavors of chewing gum. At age 85, I have finally found the "one and only" breath mint for future enjoyment.

"My wife shares the same feelings about this product. We inform our friends and family members about it and will continue to trumpet the pleasant results we have found in your product! By the way, I have a couple of tins of Altoids I never plan to use. I guess it's best to just dump the contents out and use the handy little cans for extra safety pins, buttons, or "whatevers".

"It will be our pleasure to continue our customer relationship with your company!


"I recently purchased several bottles of the SuppressMints (4EverMints fortified with chromium). I am on a low-carb diet, and worried about the bad breath often associated with it. I also felt that having the fresh mint taste in my mouth would help with appetite suppression. I LOVE THEM!!

"The length of time they last depends on how you treat them. If you put them in place and leave them alone, I've had them last for up to 4 1/2 hours. If you play with them with your tongue, they will dissolve faster.

"I gave one to my husband, father and sister and we all put one in at the same time to see how long they would last. My husband kept playing with his, and it was gone in 1 1/2 hours. My father virtually forgot about his, and it was still there almost 5 hours later. I average 3-4 hours.

"I bought four bottles in my initial order and I keep handing out samples. I was hesitant at the price at first, but now realize how much I'm saving by not buying mints and gum so often. Plus, I'm not going through the empty calories and carbs that the regular mints and gums have.....very important when you're seriously dieting.

"I just ordered some with vitamin D (NeuOra-p) and plan on alternating the two to help with the diet and arthritis. These little minty wonders really do all they say they will.... how refreshing!"


"I am so pleased with 4EverMints. They are slow to dissolve and have a very refreshing taste. I suffer from dry cough that can come on at any time. Since I have been taking 4EverMints, I am good, no dry cough. They are great and provide a moisturizing treatment inside my mouth and freshens my breath. I take them during the day and before retiring for the night. I wake up in the morning without morning breath."


"My initial reason for using 4EverMints was I've developed a chronic cough, a side effect from a medication I take for my hyperthyroidism. At first they seemed quite expensive, but as I got used to using them I can see that they last so long the cost is reasonable.

"During the day one mint can last 4 hours, but one mint at bedtime is still working when I wake up 8 hours later.

"There is really nothing that compares to 4EverMints. I've used Trident gum and Altoids, which both help, but only last so long.

"I am pleased with the quality of your service. I ordered a shipment recently and didn't get the sale price I had expected. The next day I got an email stating that they discovered that I didn't get the full discount and they refunded the difference.

"I'm very pleased to have found this product. The flavor is nice and using Xylitol is a great bonus. Thank you!


"I use the 4EverMints each night, I have sleep apnea and must sleep with a CPap mask on at night, it was really drying out my mouth and throat, and leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.

"I read about the 4EverMints in LDS Living, it was something I had been looking for. I tried lots of different mints but they did not last, were hard to keep in my mouth while trying to sleep. They keep me awake, until they were gone.

"The Forrever Mints last all night and my mouth and throat are fine in the mornings. No more bad taste in my mouth, very refreshing and not bad breath. And I now sleep well at night with the CPAP mask.

They are worth every cent I pay for them, for me a great value. Customer service has been great too!"